US: /əˈvɛndʒ/
UK: /ɐvˈɛnd‍ʒ/

English Vietnamese dictionary

avenge /ə'vendʤ/
  • ngoại động từ
    • trả thù, báo thù
      • to avenge oneself: trả thù, rửa nhục
      • to be avenged: trả được thù, rửa được nhục
      • to avenge somebody: báo thù cho ai

Advanced English dictionary

+ verb
[VN] ~ sth
~ yourself on sb (formal) to punish or hurt sb in return for sth bad or wrong that they have done to you, your family or friends: He promised to avenge his father's murder. + She was determined to avenge herself on the man who had betrayed her.
avenger noun
avenge / revenge
People avenge something or avenge themselves on somebody: She vowed to avenge her brother's death. + He later avenged himself on his wife's killers.
People revenge themselves on somebody or are revenged on them: He was later revenged on his wife's killers. You cannot revenge something:
She vowed to revenge her brother's death.

Concise English dictionary

+take revenge for a perceived wrong