US: /əˈtɛndəns/
UK: /ɐtˈɛndəns/

English Vietnamese dictionary

attendance /ə'tendəns/
  • danh từ
    • sự dự, sự có mặt
      • to request someone's attendance: mời ai đến dự
      • attendance at lectures: sự đến dự những buổi thuyết trình
    • số người dự, số người có mặt
      • a large attendance at a meeting: số người dự đông đảo ở cuộc họp
    • sự chăm sóc, sự phục vụ, sự phục dịch; sự theo hầu
      • to be in attendance on somebody: chăm sóc ai
      • medical attendance: sự chăm sóc thuốc men, sự điều trị
    • to dance attendance upon somebody
      • (xem) dance

Advanced English dictionary

+ noun
1 [U, C] the act of being present at a place, for example at school: Attendance at these lectures is not compulsory. + Teachers must keep a record of students' attendances.
2 [C, U] the number of people present at an organized event: high / low / falling / poor attendances + There was an attendance of 42 at the meeting. + Cinema attendances have risen again recently.
Idioms: be in attendance (formal) to be present at a special event: Several heads of state were in attendance at the funeral.
be in attendance (on sb) (formal) to be with or near sb in order to help them if necessary: He always has at least two bodyguards in attendance.
take attendance (AmE) to check who is present and who is not present at a place and to mark this information on a list of names
more at DANCE v.

Thesaurus dictionary

1 presence, appearance, being:
Your attendance at chapel is required.
2 audience, crowd, assembly, assemblage, gathering, turnout, gate, house:
The attendance at the fête was greater than we expected.
3 in attendance. waiting upon, attending, serving:
The king always has at least four people in attendance.

Collocation dictionary


good, large, record
It was a record attendance for a midweek game.
| low, poor | falling
Despite falling attendances, the zoo will stay open.
| average, daily
The average attendance at matches increased last year.
| total | constant, regular
Regular attendance at lectures is important.
| compulsory | church, cinema, school, etc.


boost, improve, increase
Building a new stadium has boosted attendances by 40%.


drop, fall, go down
Attendances at the pool always fall in winter.
| go up, increase


figures, rate, record


in ~
The emergency services were in attendance within 22 minutes.
| ~ at
attendance at the meetings

Concise English dictionary

+the act of being present (at a meeting or event etc.)
+the frequency with which a person is present
+the number of people that are present