US: /əˈspaɪɹ/
UK: /ɐspˈa‍ɪ‍ə/

English Vietnamese dictionary

aspire /əs'paiə/
  • nội động từ
    • (+ to, after, at) thiết tha, mong mỏi, khao khát
    • (nghĩa bóng) lên, dâng lên, bay lên

Advanced English dictionary

+ verb
~ (to sth) to have a strong desire to achieve or to become sth: [V] She aspired to a scientific career. + [V to inf] He aspired to be their next leader.

Thesaurus dictionary

aspire to. desire, hope, long, wish, aim, yearn; dream of:
I'd never aspire to anything higher. He still aspired to being a full professor.

Concise English dictionary

+have an ambitious plan or a lofty goal