US: /ˌæpɝˈætəs/
UK: /ˌæpəɹˈe‍ɪtəs/

English Vietnamese dictionary

apparatus /,æpə'reitəs/
  • danh từ, số nhiều apparatuses/,æpə'reitəsiz/
    • đồ thiết bị; máy móc
    • (sinh vật học) bộ máy
      • the digestive apparatus: bộ máy tiêu hoá
    • đồ dùng, dụng cụ
      • fishing apparatus: đồ đánh cá

Advanced English dictionary

+ noun (plural apparatuses)
1 [U] the tools or other pieces of equipment that are needed for a particular activity or task: a piece of laboratory apparatus + Firefighters needed breathing apparatus to enter the burning house.
2 [C, usually sing.] the structure of a system or an organization, particularly that of a political party or a government: the power of the state apparatus
3 [C, usually sing.] (technical) a system of organs in the body: the sensory apparatus

Thesaurus dictionary

equipment, requisites, tool, instrument, utensil, device, implement, machine, machinery, gear, paraphernalia, tackle, outfit; appliance, Colloq contraption, gadgetry, gadget:
The apparatus needed for the experiment is here.

Collocation dictionary


breathing, chemical, electrical, experimental, laboratory, scientific | administrative, bureaucratic, legal, party, security, state
the state's powerful security apparatus


a very sophisticated piece of laboratory apparatus


the apparatus of government/(the) state

Concise English dictionary

+equipment designed to serve a specific function
+(anatomy) a group of body parts that work together to perform a given function