* noun
- Elder brother
=anh ruột+Blood elder brother
=anh cả+eldest brother
=anh cùng cha khác mẹ (hoặc cùng mẹ khác cha)+half-brother
=anh rể+brother-in-law (one's elder sister's husband)
=anh chồng+brother-in-law (one's husband's elder brother)
=anh vợ+brother-in-law (one's wife's elder brother)
- First cousin, cousin german (son of one's father's or mother's elder brother or sister)
=anh con nhà bác

(1) young man, elder brother, first cousin (son of parent’s older sibling), form of address to a young man; (2) England, (Great) Britain; (3) canary; (4) infant; (5) flower; (6) male hero