US: /əmˈjuzmənt/
UK: /ɐmjˈuːsmənt/

English Vietnamese dictionary

amusement /ə'mju:zmənt/
  • danh từ
    • sự vui chơi; trò vui, trò giải trí, trò tiêu khiển
      • to do something for amusement: làm việc để giải trí
      • place of amusement: nơi vui chơi
    • sự làm cho thích thú, sự làm buồn cười; sự thích thú, sự buồn cười
      • with a look of amusement: với vẻ thích thú

Advanced English dictionary

+ noun
1 [U] the feeling that you have when sth is funny or amusing, or it entertains you: She could not hide her amusement at the way he was dancing. + To my amusement he couldn't get the door open. + Her eyes twinkled with amusement. + His son was a continuous source of amusement and delight to him.
2 [C, usually pl.] a game, an activity, etc. that provides entertainment and pleasure: traditional seaside amusements including boats, go-karts and a funfair

Thesaurus dictionary

1 entertainment, diversion, recreation, pleasure, relaxation, distraction, enjoyment, fun, sport, joke, lark, beguilement:
The boys in my class used to pull the wings off flies for amusement. They spent their afternoons in the amusement arcade.
2 entertainment, diversion, divertissement, recreation, distraction, pastime; game, sport:
During the festival there are concerts, plays, and other amusements.

Collocation dictionary

1 feeling of wanting to laugh


great, much | faint, mild | quiet | ironic, sardonic, wry | genuine, real


gleam, glimmer | hint, note, trace
There was a note of amusement in her voice.


afford sb, cause, provide
I am happy to have afforded you amusement.
| derive, find, get
He seemed to be deriving amusement from her discomfort.
| show | conceal, hide


A glimmer of amusement showed in her eyes.


for (sb's) ~
What do you do for amusement round here? The play was written for the amusement of the other students.
| in ~
Her wide mouth twitched in amusement.
| to sb's ~
Much to their amusement, I couldn't get the door open.
| with ~
She chuckled with amusement.


a source of amusement
His son was a constant source of amusement to him.

2 sth that makes time pass pleasantly


She disapproved of popular amusements such as fairs.


arcade, park | machine

Concise English dictionary

+a feeling of delight at being entertained
+an activity that is diverting and that holds the attention