US: /ˈæmpɫəˌfaɪz/
UK: /ˈæmplɪfˌa‍ɪz/

English Vietnamese dictionary

amplify /'æmplifai/
  • động từ
    • mở rộng
    • phóng đại, thổi phồng
      • to amplify a story: thổi phồng câu chuyện
    • bàn rộng, tán rộng
    • rađiô khuếch đại

Thesaurus dictionary

1 broaden, widen, extend, increase, expand (on), enlarge (on), expatiate on, detail; add to, augment, supplement:
Let no man comfort him But amplify his grief with bitter words.
2 exaggerate, overstate, magnify, stretch:
The reports have amplified the number of horsemen slain in the encounter.
3 enlarge (on), elaborate (on), stretch, lengthen, detail, embellish, embroider:
He amplifies every point in microscopic detail.

Concise English dictionary

+increase in size, volume or significance
+to enlarge beyond bounds or the truth
+exaggerate or make bigger
+increase the volume of