US: /əˈɡeɪn/, /əˈɡɛn/
UK: /ɐɡˈɛn/

English Vietnamese dictionary

again /ə'gen/
  • phó từ
    • lại, lần nữa, nữa
    • trở lại
      • to be home again: trở lại về nhà
      • to be well (onedelf) again: khoẻ lại, bình phục
      • to come to again: lại tỉnh lại
    • đáp lại, dội lại
      • to answer again: trả lời lại; đáp lại
      • rocks echoed again: những vách đá vang dội lại
    • mặt khác, ngoài ra, hơn nữa, vả lại, vả chăng
      • again, it is necessary to bear in mind that: hơn nữa cần phải nhớ rằng
      • these again are more expensive: vả lại những cái này đắt hơn
      • again and again: nhiều lần, không biết bao nhiêu lần
    • as much (many) again
      • nhiều gấp đôi
    • as rall again as somebody
      • cao gấp đôi ai
    • ever and again
      • thỉnh thoảng, đôi khi
    • half as much again
      • (xem) half
    • half as high again as somebody
      • half again somebody's height
        • cao gấp rưỡi ai
      • now and again
        • (xem) now
      • once and again
        • (xem) once
      • over again
        • (xem) over
      • time and again
        • (xem) time

Advanced English dictionary

+ adverb
1 one more time; on another occasion: Could you say it again, please? + When will I see you again? + This must never happen again. + Once again (= as had happened several times before), the train was late. + I've told you again and again (= many times) not to do that. + I'll have to write it all over again (= again from the beginning).
2 showing that sb/sth is in the same place or state that they were in originally: He was glad to be home again. + She spends two hours a day getting to work and back again. + You'll soon feel well again.
3 added to an amount that is already there: The cost is about half as much again as it was two years ago. + I'd like the same again (= the same amount or the same thing), please.
4 used to show that a comment or fact is connected with what you have just said: And again, we must think of the time involved.
5 then / there ~ used to introduce a fact or an opinion that contrasts with what you have just said: We might buy it but then again we might not.
6 (spoken) used when you ask sb to tell you sth or repeat sth that you think they have told you already: What was the name again?
Idioms see NOW adv., SAME pron., TIME n.

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