US: /əˈbɹɔd/
UK: /ɐbɹˈɔːd/

English Vietnamese dictionary

abroad /ə'brɔ:d/
  • phó từ
    • ở nước ngoài, ra nước ngoài
      • to live abroad: sống ở nước ngoài
      • to go abroad: đi ra nước ngoài
    • khắp nơi, đang truyền đi khắp nơi
      • there is a runmour abroad that...: khắp nơi đang có tin đồn rằng...
      • the schooimaster is abroad: việc học hành bây giờ đang trở thành phổ biến
    • ngoài trời (đối với trong nhà)
      • life abroad is very healthy: sống ở ngoài trời tốt cho sức khoẻ
    • (thông tục) nghĩ sai, nhầm, tưởng lầm
      • to be all abroad: nghĩ sai hoàn toàn, hoàn toàn lầm lẫn
    • from abroad
      • từ nước ngoài
    • these machines were brought from abroad: những chiếc máy này mang từ nước ngoài vào

Advanced English dictionary

+ adverb (especially BrE)
1 in or to a foreign country: to be / go / travel / live abroad + She worked abroad for a year. + imports of cheap food from abroad + He was famous, both at home and abroad (= in his own country and in other countries). + For a holiday abroad you need a valid passport.
2 (formal) being talked about or felt by many people: There was news abroad that a change was coming.
3 (old use) outside; outdoors

Thesaurus dictionary

1 overseas, in foreign lands or parts:
We were abroad on assignment for a few years.
2 broadly, widely, at large, near and far, far and wide, everywhere, extensively, publicly:
Don't spread rumours abroad.
3 outside, out of doors, away, out and about:
There are few people abroad this early in the morning.

Concise English dictionary

+in a foreign country
+to or in a foreign country
+far away from home or one's usual surroundings
+in a place across an ocean