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my /mai/
  • tính từ sở hữu
    • của tôi
    • thán từ
      • oh, my! ôi chao ôi!, úi, chà chà!
    Concise Dictionary
    pron. belonging to me
    interj. oh my!, goodness!, oi! (expression of surprise or dismay)
    Advanced English Dictionary
    determiner (the possessive form of I)
    1 of or belonging to the speaker or writer: Where's my passport? + My feet are cold.
    2 used in exclamations to express surprise, etc: My goodness! Look at the time!
    3 used when addressing sb, to show affection: my dear / darling / love
    4 used when addressing sb that you consider to have a lower status than you: My dear girl, you're wrong.

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