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all /ɔ:l/
  • tính từ
    • tất cả, hết thảy, toàn bộ, suốt trọn, mọi
      • all my life: suốt đời tôi, trọn đời tôi
      • all day: suốt ngày
      • with all speed: hết tốc độ
      • for all that: mặc dù tất cả những cái đó
      • all Vietnam: toàn nước Việt Nam
      • in all respects: về mọi phương diện
  • danh từ
    • tất cả, tất thảy, hết thảy, toàn thể, toàn bộ
      • all of us: tất cả chúng tôi; tất cả chúng ta
      • all is over!: thế là xong tất cả!
      • all are unanimous to vote: tất cả đều nhất trí bầu
      • that's all I know: đó là tất cả những điều tôi biết
      • all but he: tất cả trừ nó ra
    • above all
      • (xem) above
    • after all
      • (xem) after
    • all but
      • gần như, hầu như, suýt
    • all but impossible: gần như không thể làm được
    • he was all but drowned: hắn suýt chết đuối
    • all and sundry
      • toàn thể và từng người một, tất cả và từng cái một
    • all one
      • cũng vây thôi
    • it's all one to me: đối với tôi thì cái đó cũng vậy thôi
    • at all: chút nào, chút nào chăng
    • I don't know him at all: tôi không biết hắn ta một chút nào
    • in all: tổng cộng, tất cả, cả thảy
    • not at all
      • không đâu, không chút nào
    • không dám (lời đáp khi ai cảm ơn mình)
    • nothing at all
      • không một chút nào, không một tí gì
    • once for all
      • (xem) once
    • one and all
      • tất cả không trừ một ai; tất cả không trừ một cái gì
  • phó từ
    • hoàn toàn, toàn bộ, tất cả, trọn vẹn
      • to be dressed all in white: mặc toàn trắng
      • that's all wrong: cái đó sai cả rồi
    • all alone
      • một mình, đơn độc
    • không ai giúp đỡ, tự làm lấy
    • all at once
      • cùng một lúc
    • thình lình, đột nhiên
    • all in
      • mệt rã rời, kiệt sức
    • all over
      • khắp cả
    • all over the world: khắp thế giới
    • to be covered all over with mud: bùn bẩn khắp người
    • xong, hết, chấm dứt
      • it's all over: thế là xong, thế là hết
    • hoàn toàn đúng là, y như hệt
      • she is her mother all over: cô ta y hệt như bà mẹ
    • all there
      • (thông tục) trí óc sáng suốt lành mạnh, không mất trí, không điên
    • he is not quite all there: anh ta mất trí rồi; trí óc anh ta không còn sáng suốt nữa rồi
    • all the same
      • cũng thế thôi, cũng vậy thôi, không có gì khác
    • it was all the same to him: cái đó đối với hắn thì cũng vậy thôi
    • if it's all the same to you: nếu đối với anh không phiền gì, nếu không phiền gì anh
    • mặc dù thế nào, dù sao đi nữa
      • he was punished all the same: mặc dù thế nào hắn cũng cứ bị phạt
      • all the same I ought to have stayed: dù sao chăng nữa tôi phải ở lại thì phải
      • thank you all the same: tuy vậy tôi vẫn xin cám ơn anh (chị...)
    • all the better
      • càng hay, càng tốt
    • all the more
      • càng
    • all the worse
      • mặc kệ
    • to be all attention
      • rất chăm chú
    • to be all ears
      • (xem) ear
    • to be all eyes
      • (xem) eye
    • to be all smimles
      • luôn luôn tươi cười
    • to be all legs
      • (xem) leg
    • graps all, lose all
      • (xem) grasp
    • it's all up with him
      • it's all over with him
        • it's all U.P. with him
          • (từ lóng) thế là nó tong rồi, thế là nó tiêu ma rồi thế là nó đi đời rồi
        • that's all there's to it
          • (thông tục) đấy chỉ có thế thôi, không có gỉ phải nói thêm nữa
        • it's (that's) all very well but...
          • (xem) well
Concise Dictionary
+quantifier; used with either mass or count nouns to indicate the whole number or amount of or every one of a class
+completely given to or absorbed by
+to a complete degree or to the full or entire extent (`whole' is often used informally for `wholly')
Advanced English Dictionary
determiner, pronoun, adverb
1 (used with plural nouns. The noun may have the, this, that, my, her, his, etc. in front of it, or a number.) the whole number of: All horses are animals, but not all animals are horses. + Cars were coming from all directions (= every direction). + All the people you invited are coming. + All my plants have died. + All five men are hard workers.
2 (used with uncountable nouns. The noun may have the, this, that, my, her, his, etc. in front of it.) the whole amount of: All wood tends to shrink. + You've had all the fun and I've had all the hard work. + All this mail must be answered. + He has lost all his money.
3 used with singular nouns showing sth has been happening for a whole period of time: He's worked hard all year. + She was unemployed for all that time.
4 the greatest possible: In all honesty (= being as honest as I can), I can't agree.
5 consisting or appearing to consist of one thing only: The magazine was all advertisements. + She was all smiles (= smiling a lot).
6 any whatever: He denied all knowledge of the crime.
Idioms: and all that (jazz, rubbish, etc.) (informal) and other similar things: I'm bored by history-dates and battles and all that stuff.
not all that good, well, etc. not particularly good, well, etc: He doesn't sing all that well.
not as bad(ly), etc. as all that not as much as has been suggested: They're not as rich as all that.
of all people, things, etc. (informal) used to express surprise because sb/sth seems the least likely person, example, etc: I didn't think you, of all people, would become a vegetarian.
of all the ... (informal) used to express anger: I've locked myself out. Of all the stupid things to do!
more at FOR prep.
+ pronoun
1 the whole number or amount: All of the food has gone. + They've eaten all of it. + They've eaten it all. + I invited some of my colleagues but not all. + Not all of them were invited. + All of them enjoyed the party. + They all enjoyed it. + His last movie was best of all.
2 (followed by a relative clause, often without that) the only thing; everything: All I want is peace and quiet. + It was all that I had. - ALTOGETHER
Idioms: all in all when everything is considered: All in all it had been a great success.
all in one having two or more uses, functions, etc: It's a corkscrew and bottle-opener all in one.
all or nothing a situation which will end either in complete success or complete failure
and all
1 also; included; in addition: She jumped into the river, clothes and all (= with her clothes on).
2 (spoken) as well; too: 'I'm freezing.' 'Yeah, me and all.'
(not) at all in any way; to any degree: I didn't enjoy it at all.
in all as a total
There were twelve of us in all for dinner. + That's £25.40 in all.
not at all used as a polite reply to an expression of thanks: 'Thanks very much for your help.' 'Not at all, it was a pleasure.'
your all everything you have: They gave their all (= fought and died) in the war.
more at ABOVE prep., AFTER prep., END v., END n., FOR prep., SIDE n.
+ adverb
1 completely: She was dressed all in white. + He lives all alone. + The coffee went all over my skirt.
2 (informal) very: She was all excited. + Now don't get all upset about it.
3 ~ too ... used to show that sth is more than you would like: I'm all too aware of the problems. + The end of the trip came all too soon.
4 (in sports and games) to each side: The score was four all.
Idioms: all along all the time; from the beginning: I realized it was in my pocket all along.
all around - ALL ROUND
all the better, harder, etc. so much better, harder, etc: We'll have to work all the harder with two people off sick.
all but
1 almost: The party was all but over when we arrived. + It was all but impossible to read his writing.
2 everything or everyone except sth/sb: All but one of the plates were damaged.
all in
1 physically tired
At the end of the race he felt all in.
2 (BrE) including everything: The holiday cost £250 all in.
See also - ALL-IN
all of sth (often ironic) used to emphasize an amount, a size, etc. usually when it is very small: It must be all of 100 metres to the car!
all over
1 everywhere: We looked all over for the ring.
2 what you would expect of the person mentioned: That sounds like my sister all over.
all round (BrE) (AmE all around)
1 in every way; in all respects: a good performance all round
2 for each person: She bought drinks all round.
all there (informal) having a healthy mind; thinking clearly: He behaves very oddly at times-I don't think he's quite all there.
be all about sb/sth: This book is all about Greece. + (informal) Now then, what's this all about (= what is the problem)? + It's all about money these days.
be all for sth / for doing sth to believe strongly that sth should be done: They're all for saving money where they can.
be all over sb (informal) to show a lot of affection for or enthusiasm about sb: He was all over her at the party.
be all up (with sb) (old-fashioned, informal) to be the end for sb: It looks as though it's all up with us now (= we are ruined, have no further chances, etc.).

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