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at /æt, ət/
  • danh từ
    • ở tại (chỉ vị trí)
      • at Haiduong: ở Hải dương
      • at school: ở trường
      • at home: ở nhà
      • at the meeting: ở cuộc họp
      • at a depth of six meters: ở độ sâu sáu mét
      • at the butcher's: ở cửa hàng thịt
    • vào, vào lúc, vào hồi (chỉ thời gian)
      • at six o'clock: vào lúc sáu giờ
      • at midnight: vào lúc nửa đêm
      • at mealtime: vào giờ ăn cơm
    • đang, đang lúc
      • at work: đang làm việc
      • at breakfast: đang ăn sáng
      • what are you at now?: bây giờ anh đang bận gì?
      • at peace: đang lúc hoà bình
      • at rest: đang lúc nghỉ ngơi
    • vào, nhắm vào, về phía
      • to throw a stone at somebody: ném một cục đá vào ai
      • to look at the picture: nhìn (vào) bức tranh
      • to laugh at somebody: cười (vào mặt) ai
    • với (chỉ giá cả...)
      • at a high price: với giá cao
      • at 3đ a kilogram: (với giá) ba đồng một kilôgram
    • khi; về
      • we were very sad at hearing the news: chúng tổi rất buồn khi nghe thấy tin đó
      • he was surprised at what he saw: nó ngạc nhiên về những điều nó được trông thấy
    • theo
      • at your request: theo lời yêu cầu của anh
      • at your command: theo lệnh của anh
    • về (một môn nào...)
      • to be good at mathematics: giỏi (về môn) toán
    • at all
      • (xem) all
    • events
      • (xem) event
    • at best
      • (xem) best
    • at first
      • (xem) first
    • at last
      • at least
        • (xem) least
      • at [the] most
        • (xem) most
      • at once
        • (xem) once
      • at once
        • (xem) one
      • at that
        • như vậy, như thế
      • we must take it at that: chúng ta phải thừa nhận điều đó như vậy
      • hơn nữa, mà lại còn
        • he lost an arm and the right arm at that: anh ấy cụt cánh tay mà lại là cánh tay phải
      • at time
        • (xem) time
      • at no time
        • không bao giờ
      • at worst
        • (xem) worst
Concise Dictionary
æt; unbetontət
+a highly unstable radioactive element (the heaviest of the halogen series); a decay product of uranium and thorium
+100 at equal 1 kip in Laos

Advanced English Dictionary
1 used to say where sth/sb is or where sth happens: at the corner of the street + We changed at Crewe. + They arrived late at the airport. + At the roundabout take the third exit. + I'll be at home all morning. + She's at Tom's (= at Tom's house). + I met her at the hospital. + How many people were there at the concert?
2 used to say where sb works or studies: He's been at the bank longer than anyone else. + She's at Yale (= Yale University).
3 used to say when sth happens: We left at 2 o'clock. + at the end of the week + We woke at dawn. + I didn't know at the time of writing (= when I wrote). + At night you can see the stars. + (BrE) What are you doing at the weekend?
4 used to state the age at which sb does sth: She got married at 25. + He left school at the age of 16.
5 in the direction of or towards sb/sth: What are you looking at? + He pointed a gun at her. + Somebody threw paint at the prime minister.
6 used after a verb to show that sb tries to do sth, or partly does sth, but does not succeed or complete it: He clutched wildly at the rope as he fell. + She nibbled at a sandwich (= ate only small bits of it).
7 used to state the distance away from sth: I held it at arm's length. + Can you read a car number plate at fifty metres?
8 used to show the situation sb/sth is in, what sb is doing or what is happening: The country is now at war. + I felt at a disadvantage. + I think Mr Harris is at lunch.
9 used to show a rate, speed, etc: He was driving at 70 mph. + The noise came at two-minute intervals (= once every two minutes).
10 ~ sb's / sth's best / worst, etc. used to say that sb/sth is as good, bad, etc. as they can be: This was Henman at his best. + The garden's at its most beautiful in June.
11 used with adjectives to show how well sb does sth: I'm good at French. + She's hopeless at managing people.
12 used with adjectives to show the cause of sth: They were impatient at the delay. + She was delighted at the result.
13 (formal) in response to sth: They attended the dinner at the chairman's invitation.
Idioms: at that used when you are giving an extra piece of information: He managed to buy a car after all-and a nice one at that.
where it's at (informal) a place or an activity that is very popular or fashionable: Judging by the crowds waiting to get in, this seems to be where it's at.

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