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o /ou/
  • danh từ, số nhiều Os, O's, Oes
    • o
    • hình O, hình tròn
    • thán từ
      • (như) oh (sau o không có dấu phẩy; sau oh có dấu phẩy)
        • o how tired I am!: chà, tôi mệt làm sao!
    Advanced English Dictionary
    noun, exclamation
    + noun (also o) (plural O's, o's )
    1 [C, U] the 15th letter of the English alphabet: 'Orange' begins with (an) O / 'O'.
    2 (spoken) used to mean 'zero' when saying telephone numbers, etc: My number is six o double three (= 6033).
    See also - O GRADE, O LEVEL
    + exclamation (rare, especially literary) = OH(also less frequent O) + exclamation
    1 used when you are reacting to sth that has been said, especially if you did not know it before: 'I saw Ben yesterday.' 'Oh yes, how is he?' + Oh dear! What's happened now? + You can't come tonight? Oh well, see you next week then. + 'Emma has a new job.' 'Oh, has she?'
    2 used to express surprise, fear, joy, etc: Oh, how wonderful! + Oh no, I've broken it!
    3 used to attract sb's attention: Oh, Sue! Could you help me a moment?
    4 used when you are thinking of what to say next: I've been in this job for, oh, about six years.

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